Microsoft yesterday released a new Monthly Patch August Update with version KB4034664. The update was released to fix issues caused in the previously released update version by the Redmond Giant.

However now with the latest update users have been introduced to new problems which is affecting users with two monitors. After the latest update users now have to deal with a broken display on the second monitor which is causing rendering issues with actually requires a manual workaround which has been provided by the Redmond Giant.

Users would need to enable Desktop Composition and configure the main monitor in the monitor layout to address the issue. Lot of users have been complaining that after installing the update, it restores a number of update files to old version which triggers notifications for 20 important updates which have already been installed.

Users would need to remove the update which eliminates the bug of mandatory updates but the dual monitor issues can be resolved via the manual workaround. Microsoft which is aware of the two bugs is currently working on the issues and is expected to release a fix at a later date probably next month with a fresh batch of updates.