Microsoft’s Fluent Design in Windows 10 will make the OS look different. Microsoft is adding the Fluent Design elements into Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update. The new design language will be more visually appealing and it will also improve the transitions.

Windows 10 Mobile is not getting the Fluent Design changes. Although, apps such as Groove Music, People recently updated with Fluent Design changes on Windows 10 Mobile but these changes aren’t enough as still many elements are missing.

A new concept published by a Windows Phone enthusiast shows the Fluent Design in Windows 10 Mobile’s messaging app. Although the messaging/chat app is incomplete, the creator of the new concept wants to show how the new fluent design in Windows 10 Mobile apps could have been if Microsoft wanted.

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It shows the smooth transitions between the different features of the app. As you can see above, the animation when opening the chats is better than the official messaging app. Another interesting fluent design element highlighted in the video is the ability to insert pictures into the chat conversation with one swipe tap.

Furthermore, when the user will swipe on the screen from top to bottom, this will close the chat and bring the user to conversations page. The concept does greatly improve the overall appearance of Windows 10 Mobile. What do you think about the new concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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