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Microsoft released a new update to View 3D app for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. View 3D has been updated for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring and it brings a new feature. Microsoft has added the new 3D models into the app, the Curiosity Rover, Harajuku girl, elephants are available with the latest update.

The app will use the device’s web camera and it lets you place the 3D model into the picture. If you have a desktop, the feature is useless as it makes no sense to use the desktop’s web camera to click pictures and insert the 3D objects into them. It is, however, useful on tablets and phones.

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Unfortunately, the update is not available for Windows 10 Mobile and it seems to have been delayed. However, an Italian website managed to sideload the new version of View 3D on their Windows Phone.

View 3D on Windows 10 Mobile has also got the new icons and some other changes. However, the feature that lets you use the phone’s camera to insert the 3D models into photos is not available. This indicates that View 3D may not get the major update on Windows 10 Mobile anytime soon. You can still download the appxbundle and sideload the app on your phone to try out the other unreleased changes.

  • Mdanish Attari

    very nice i needed this app appxbundle, because app is pulled from store for mobiles