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Microsoft is now rolling out a major update to Cortana on Android. The latest update for Cortana improves the interface of the app. Microsoft recently released an update that revamped Cortana on Android. Today, yet another update has been released and the updated version 2.9.0 brought UI changes and improvements.

Microsoft is calling the update a ‘major evolution’. Cortana now looks like other Android apps as the new hamburger has been introduced. Furthermore, bottom navigation bar has been removed and reminder option has been moved to the top right corner.

The reminders page has got quick hands-on control. The settings page has been redesigned as well and it now lets you easily manage Cortana. The homepage now has two section; upcoming and interests. The upcoming section shows the event and reminders while the interests section keeps you up-to-date with the latest news.

The latest update for Cortana is now available for download on the Play Store. You can grab the updated version by visiting the Play Store from the below link.

Download Cortana for Android.

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