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All of us are well aware of the WannaCry Ransom ware attack which had effects hundreds of thousands of users across the world. The users who were effected were the one’s who were running Microsoft’s Old versions of Windows.

Microsoft’s Latest Operating System Windows 10 remained unaffected by the Ransom ware Attack since the users were guaranteed that their data wouldn’t be encrypted and hence businesses finally decided to upgrade their old OS versions with the Latest Windows 10 version as the attack was mainly aimed at enterprises.

The Older versions of the OS included Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as lot of businesses prefer using the older versions than using the latest version of the operating System. Windows 7 is still the leader with 68 percent of the users, Windows 10 comes next with 13 percent.

But after the decision to upgrade to the latest version of Windows by the enterprises we could well see the number of users or percentage of users increase from the current 13%. Overall as a global Windows OS, Windows 7 is still the leader with 84 percent which is followed by Windows 10 at 60 percent and Windows XP with 42 percent.

Inspite of being the leader Windows 7 was the OS which was the biggest victim of WannaCry and hence it is important for users especially enterprises to install the latest security updates.

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