Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
New windows 10 fall creators update 2017

If you thought Microsoft has a awful naming scheme for Windows 10 Updates you were proven wrong by Microsoft when they had renamed the Fall Creators Update to Autumn Creators Update in the UK. India, New Zealand would also have the Autumn Creators Update branding as the launch fall is refereed as Autumn here. Microsoft has already started using the Autumn Creators Update term on its website. We think there was no need for this new naming scheme for a update whose name itself looks to be named very confusing (Fall Creators Update).

To make you understand how it is confusing for consumers to relate the update from their branding. The season of Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter which begins in September for the Northern Hemisphere and begins in March for the Southern Hemisphere.

In North America, Autumn is usually considered to start with the September 21 which is when the Fall Creators update is expected to come out. But in countries of Southern Hemisphere like Australia and New Zealand the autumn season officially begins on 1 March.

So the users of Southern Hemisphere where the branding is done as ‘Autumn’ they may think this as the update will roll out in March. And when the next update of Windows 10 rolls out around April 2018 things will get more messy. What do you think about this unnecessary branding change? Let us know in the comments below.

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