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Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update is the rebranded version of Fall Creators Update for the UK customers. Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update is coming later this year and it packs some new features.

Windows 10 is a huge success for Microsoft and now runs half a billion devices world-wide in less than two years. The adoption of the operating system is the highest in the company’s history; and now Microsoft aims to take ‘creation’ to a whole new level with its next major update.

Microsoft’s awful naming scheme for Windows 10 Update is always criticised by the users and tech reviewers. Spotted by Windows Central reader, Microsoft has renamed the Fall Creators Update to Autumn Creators Update in the UK as the third season is refereed as Autumn.

The same branding is likely to be used in some other counties as well. India, New Zealand could also have the Autumn Creators Update branding. Microsoft has already started using the Autumn Creators Update term on its website.

The operating system with Autumn/Fall Creators Update should receive minor cosmetic updates, part of Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System, which will optimize Windows 10 for various use ranges on top of regular Windows modes, including virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality. Microsoft has been readying its Fluent Design System, a way to easily create cross-device experiences that look right on a variety of screen shapes and sizes. It’s intended to help apps work correctly across everything from phones, through tablets, to laptops and desktop PCs with big displays. However, the Fluent Design System is about more than just screens. Indeed, it’s also intended to embrace devices that might have no screen at all, such as wearables or Cortana-powered smart speakers.

Microsoft says the Fluent Design System will be able to cope with apps that interact through touch, ink, voice, gaze, and gesture, in addition to the traditional keyboard and mouse. It is important to note that this design focus is not a Windows 10 FCU feature, but something Microsoft intends to implement in apps across platforms and device types. End users should start to experience it more with FCU, however. The new release will bring more of Microsoft’s Graph tool, which will let users easily switch between devices, assuming you’re running compatible apps on your various different devices, iPhone and Android included.

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