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The Best Web Browser for Windows 10 Mobile are listed in this article. Windows 10 Mobile comes with Microsoft Edge browser. The Edge browser lacks many key features and there is still room for improvement. However, Microsoft has no plan to bring Edge Browser onto the Windows Store but you can get the alternatives. In this article, we will discuss the best Microsoft Edge Alternatives for Windows 10 Mobile.

Best Web Browser for Windows 10 Mobile (Windows Phone)

#5. Surfy Browser

Surfy Browser is one of the most popular web browser available on the Windows Store. Surfy Browser has a lot of interesting feature and it also lets you download files on your Windows Phone.

Surfy Browser comes with features like Desktop Tabs, Shake to refresh, ability to download files and save it SD Card. Furthermore, Surfy is one of the first web browser that lets you download YouTube videos. However, the app is still using Windows 8.1 APIs and there is no word on UWP Windows 10 app.

#4. BlueSky Browser

BlueSky is new browser for Windows 10 Mobile, PC and HoloLens. BlueSky is a simple web browser and it offers smooth user experience. BlueSky is a Lightweight, sleek, fast and convenient web browser.

Customization is the key feature present in the browser. Different types of themes are available and you can also change the position of address to top or bottom.

#3. Shiye Browser

Shiye is a new web browser for Windows 10 Mobile. Shiye Browser is based on Microsoft Edge but it comes with good set of new features. The browser supports Gestures, Background Download and Night Mode.

The browser also supports background downloading feature. Furthermore, you can switch Geo-Location on a tap. As stated the above, the browser supports gestures. You can browser back and forward by swiping to left or right on the Address Bar. Similarly, you can switch tabs by swiping on the Address Bar.

#2. Cốc Cốc Browser

Cốc Cốc Browser is very popular in Vietnam. The browser was initially launched as Win32 app for PCs but now it is available as Windows 10 Mobile app on the Windows Store.

With Cốc Cốc Browser, you will get a speedy and smooth experience. You can easily download the files. It comes with Smart search feature that lets you  save your time by suggesting suitable inquiries while you are typing. Furthermore, Cốc Cốc Browser recently received the extension support that lets you save videos from YouTube.

#1. Monument Browser

Monument Browser is the #1 Browser for Windows 10 Mobile. It comes with interesting fetures and it is also the first browser to support Ad-blocker. It is fast and easy to use web browser.

Monument Browser has the split screen feature that lets you more than one pages at the same time. It has Picture-in-Picture feature that comes with floating window which minimizes the pages into small window.

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