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Microsoft had launched its Surface Line of devices for users. The Surface Line of devices include the Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop and Surface Studio. The devices had their share of issues with Hardware and Software and Microsoft had pushed out updates to fix those issues.

The latest device in the Surface Line of devices is the Surface Pro which is currently giving users issues with random hibernation, poor reliability etc. Users of Surface Pro devices have reported the issues at the Microsoft Community Support forum describing the issue as randomly shutting off the device without warning.

Microsoft is already aware of the issue which is currently running with a small  group of customers and is working on fixing the issue at the earliest. Some users have also reported loss of data due to random reboots.

Microsoft’s Community Moderator Barb Bowman has recommended to users experiencing problems with the Surface Pro devices to return their Surface Pro and restart the standard 30 day return policy which would help users save significant frustration and also give the company sufficient time to resolve the hibernation issues.