Microsoft has updated their OneNote app , their note taking service on Windows 10 for all users. This update had brought new features along with usual performance improvement and but fixes. They have brought the support of Multi-windows for onenote app. So now users can write or view or edit multiple notes simultaneously and hence will be more productive than ever while using OneNote.

They have also introduced the custom pen Ink support for the app which they had shown at a session of BUILD 2017. Microsoft had shown the beautiful looking Glitter pens working on the internal builds of OneNote at their announcement for this feature. This update has been available previously for users in insider preview user of the app and after testing the features they have today introduce them to all.

Microsoft had released a redesigned OneNote app a couple of weeks ago which came with a redesigned interface, a new and brighter purple icon with a splash page along with many new features. It’s really good to see Microsoft adding me features regularly to OneNote.

You can download OneNote for Windows 10 from Windows Store here.

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