Microsoft had today posted a blog on their website stating that they would be shutting down their Windows app making service “Windows App Studio” after 1st December 2017. Windows App Studio is a service from Microsoft for creating simple apps for Windows 10. Microsoft also said that they are shutting it down for the favour if their Windows Template Studio service that is available in the Visual Studio. The Template Studio will work the same way or rather say it is much better than the App Studio but you will need the Visual Studio for creating Windows 10 apps through this new service. Template studio is an open source service that can be downloaded as well.

Microsoft had asked users to follow the easy transition process for this change. You can visit this page for more info on how to complete or download your pending projects of App studio. Here’s the timeline of events associated with the transition process:

  • From July 15th existing users can sign in and download their finished projects.
  • From September 15th the application editor will stop writing and you won’t be able to use data from the dynamic collection APIs.
  • From December 1st the AAP studio will be shut down completely.

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