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When Apple announced its iPhone in 2007 no one expected it to become what it is today.How it changed everything of the smartphone market and now that it has become something that truly defines Apple. You may find any other from any other manufacturer that is having specs much better than Apple’s iPhone but the way Apple has optimized the iOS with its hardware stands above all.  We know that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used to laugh on the initial price for the first iPhone.

Steve Jobs the former CEO of Apple wanted to bring a touch tablet before he brought the iPhone to the world. But Apple was not able to create any better prototype for the device and Jobs had then decided to create a touch-based phone rather than a tablet. And the rest after the launch of iPhone is history we all know. But Scott Forstall who was the former SVP of iOS Software at Apple finally has brought some light on how Apple changed their vision from introducing the tablet to phone strategy at an event. Here’s a link to the video.

He told that Steve Jobs used to hate a Microsoft executive who used to brag about Microsoft’s resistive touch-based device with stylus support that would be entering before Apple’s touch tablet and how it would be dominating the market. This is the reason Steve Jobs was even more focused on bringing a device before Microsoft and used to say ‘let’s show them how it’s really done.’ But Microsoft never released a touch based device while Apple changed its strategy to bring capacitive touch phone.

Microsoft after being only a software giant for so long is now finally able to create innovative products that are also being appreciated worldwide.

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