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Microsoft has today expanded the launch of their newly announced Surface devices like the surface laptop , the new Surface pro and the Surface Hub to 25 markets. Not only this, Microsoft had also announced today a new exchange program for customers living in the US and Canada in which they can bring their old devices like Apple MacBook or iPad at the physical Microsoft Stores.  You will then receive up to $850 off on the most Surface devices, including the latest ones like Surface Pro and Surface Laptop in return.

Microsoft Store representatives will also help the new customers to find the right Surface for their requirements and budget. They will provide you all the information of the devices and once you finalize the one that suits your requirement you will also be provided support in migrating your data from your old device to the new surface device. To find the nearest Microsoft Store location go to this page here.

You can check the new surface devices here before heading to Microsoft Store. You can now order the new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro devices which are available in Microsoft Store.The devices Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are available for purchase from the Microsoft Store along with other US retailers along with Retailers in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, UK to name some.

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