recover a bricked Windows 10 Mobile
Image Courtesy: Windows Tecca

Microsoft has accidentally released Windows 10 Mobile Build 16212 to Windows Insiders in the Fast, Slow and Release Preview Ring. If you’ve installed Windows 10 Mobile Build 16212 on your Windows Phone, your phone will be stuck in a reboot loop.

Microsoft has released the same buggy build to Windows 10 PCs, however the solution for PCs and tablets is easy. But on Windows 10 Mobile you will need to recover your phone by wiping the entire data stored on the device.

How to recover a bricked Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has detailed as to how you can recover your bricked Windows 10 Mobile device that is stuck in a reboot loop. The only way to recover your Windows Phone is to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool and re-flash the device. After re-flashing your Windows Phone. You will need to restore the backup and again join the Windows Insider Program on your device.

How to stop Windows 10 Mobile from installing builds and updates

In case, your phone has downloaded the build but has not installed the build. You will need to reset your phone and you can do that by navigating to Settings > System > About – Reset.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar explained the issue, “This happened because an inadvertent deployment to the engineering system that controls which builds/which rings to push out to insiders,” (Source:

  • Mantu Roy

    Work around to avoid installing the update “16212.1001.rs_iot.170531-1800 (UUP-CTv2)”



    There is this a work around to avoid the update (Build #16212) if your device has download and installed the build but just a Restart is required to finish the installation, please set your device’s time to 2050 and then wait for sometime. Please DO NOT Restart your device.

    After sometime, check the update, it should say that there is some problem and it will try again and there should be the Retry button.

    By doing this, I just avoided installing the update in my phone. It was on a stage where just a RESTART was required.

    Finally, I am relaxed!!!

  • cmolinap


    There is no way to prevent it from downloading? In my case the download will start when I connect the phone to the electricity to recharge the battery.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Turn off WiFi. And set the time to 40 years in future. And wait for sometime.

  • cmolinap


    I want to share the Supersite Window page advice to overcome the problem:

    “What you should do is set the date of your
    device forward about 20 years. Restart it and then go check for updates –
    that update should then time/error out.

    After it does go back in and correct your system clock and restart
    once again. Check for updates and it should not present this to you

    The link:

  • david goldman

    I’m pissed off big time, this crap update truly bricked my phone. It won’t come on at all. I’ve downloaded the recovery tool, but can’t do anything with it. Any suggestions? I was hoping my Icon would last till something else comes to Verizon. This sucks