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The former chief executive officer of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer has finally admitted that Microsoft took too long to step into the hardware business. However, Steve Ballmer still does not know about the wrong decisions he made for Microsoft’s mobile business. Microsoft lost its software dominance plus the company was not able to figure out the reason behind Windows Phone’s failure.

Steve Ballmer admitted that Microsoft ought to have manufactured the ability to become a world-class hardware company. Steve acquired Nokia’s mobile business to make Microsoft a leading mobile hardware giant. However, it was later written-off by Satya Nadella.

“I think I was too slow in cases to recognize the need for new capability, particularly in hardware,” – Steve Ballmer.

“I wish we’d built the capability to be a world-class hardware company, because one of the new expressions of software is essentially the hardware,” Ballmer said.

Microsoft continued following same strategy for mobiles, meanwhile Google with better idea profited with Android. Steve Ballmer rebooted Windows Mobile and it was one of his bad decision for mobile business. Microsoft also prohibited OEMs from customizing the software. Google did the opposite, they opened up their Android operating system.

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