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Today, Microsoft at their hardware launch event in Shanghai , China they have introduced the all new Surface Pro. Along with this and other major announcements they had also introduced a brand new surface pen. The new surface pen has now been upgraded with a new Tilt functionality that lets you apply features like shading. The new features allows the new Surface Pro’s Studio Mode to work with the pen in a magnificent manner.

Not only this Microsoft also announced that the new surface pen is now more sensitive and can sense up to 4096 pressure levels. Microsoft has today reiterated that the surface pen is the fastest ever pen as compared on the other platform implementation of similar form functionality devices on OSes like iOS ,Android. Microsoft Surface pen is the most responsive Pen with a response time half of the previous pen which is petty big improvement over the last Surface Pen. This pen is now twice as fast as compared to the Apple pencil. With the new addition of features like tilt functionality and improved responsiveness of the surface pen it makes a great combination with the all new Microsoft Surface Pro.

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Microsoft has also announced that the tilt functionality will also be coming to Surface Studio and surface laptop later this year.

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