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One week after the Wannacry ransomware attack around the world there are new reports that are suggesting that most of the computers affected by this ransomware attack were running Windows 7 while Windows XP devices were very insignificant compared to that of Windows 7.

These evidences are provided by Kaspersky lab , the russian multinational cyber security and antivirus provider.  The data they have provided is really shocking to see as according to them 98% of the users that were affected by this wanna cry ransomware attack were running Windows 7. While during this attack most of the media around the world were discussing only Windows XP as the operating system that is most affected by this attack.

But Microsoft has already issued their statement that they had issued a patch for protecting users from this kind of attack two months prior to this for all their versions of Windows. But unfortunately the main reason for this attack becoming so huge can be said is that most of the administrator of these devices could not install this patch that was issued by Microsoft.
We have already reported that the hacking group now has suggested that they will be bringing more exploits for the current version of Windows along with smartphone OS.

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