Shadow broker the hacking group which was behind the last week’s Wannacry Ransomware attacks in the world. They released NSA’s hacking tools which was the main reason behind those attacks. Now the group has said that if they found anyone who would is ready to buy they would also exploit the new browsers, Windows 10 OS or any other money transfer system.

They promises: “More details in June”

Shadowbrokers are also claiming that they have very important information of nuclear and missile program of the countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. This is a really worrying sign as this kind of information can cause a mayhem in the world.

The ransomware Attack was because of the existing Windows XP systems throughout the world which had been announced unsupported by Microsoft after 2014. According to reports in British media, “approximately 90 percent of care facilities in the U.K.’s National Health Service are still using Windows XP.”

They were easy to be exploited because they were not getting regular security patches from Microsoft automatically. Spokesperson from Microsoft has already said that they will be preparing a response for this claim from the hacking group. Microsoft had actually made a patch for this WannaCry vulnerability in March 2017 and rolled it to users but not many installed it.

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