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During the launch Microsoft has announced that if you want to run the Classic Windows 32 app on the newly launched lightweight Windows 10 S you will need to pay $49 to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.Those users who use assistive technologies may have problem with this kind of update system.

But Microsoft has today confirmed that they will let these users easily upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 S free of charge. Microsoft also says that they will improve their built in assistive Technology and would bring new assistive Technology apps to the windows store for these users.

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 S which is aimed for students and schools and allows only Windows Store apps to run on it. These Windows 10 S devices boot faster and have improved security and reliability.

Microsoft has also reiterated that there will be some accessibility related improvements that will be coming to the Windows 10 Fall creators update which is schedule for release this fall. Microsoft had shown at the build 2017 that how developers can use the developer mode for the assistive technology apps that give them a sense of how these app will felt to those users with disabilities.

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