Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

The Windows Defender app which was a virus checker for the PC users, now with the Creators Update has become a full PC health application which checks all components of the PC.

During the on going check by the Windows Defender app the application pops up a warning for issue with the Battery Life Recommendation. The app sees a problem with the brightness being at 100% and issues a warning to users to set their brightness lower to avoid any battery drain.

Some users who prefer to keep their laptop plugged in 90% of the time such warning is very annoying for those users. Hence to avoid getting the Battery Drain warning users are advised to set the brightness to slightly lower say 90%.

  • Ruggero Cattelan

    Actually no, setting brightness to a level lower than 100% isn’t working, at least not for me.

    • Andrew Molloy

      Same here, I’ve got mine set below 50% and I still get warning about 100% screen brightness. Not sure if bug because I am using an external monitor too. Annoying anyway as it’s not even working as intended.

      • Ruggero Cattelan

        I’m not using any external monitor.

  • Frank Northmead

    Mine is set to 40% and still getting the warning… maybe a better solution?