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Microsoft today has updated the list of supported SOC’s for Windows 10 Mobile. The devices which sport the following SOC’s can update to Windows 10 Mobile Creators update -810, 808, 801, 800, 617, 410, 400, 210, 200, S4 Plus.


The OEM’s can now purchase only the Snapdragon 820,810,808,617,210 SOCs for Windows 10 Mobile. This would mean that there is no support for the mid range processors like 410 and the 430. The OEM’s can’t possibly create any midrange device with the above list of SOC’s which makes it difficult for them to compete with a modern Android device.

The most recent processor is the Snapdragon 820 which shipped with HP Elite x3. It has been more than a year since Microsoft has updated the list of supported hardware for Windows 10 Mobile and with Qualcomm processor which quickly lose support after some years we might be in the process of seeing the end of the line for Windows 10 Mobile Hardware.

Currently Microsoft is working on Windows on ARM support which means that Snapdragon 835 can handle Windows but it has nothing to do with Windows 10 Mobile but replacing Windows RT on low powered tablets and ultra mobile laptops.

If you were hoping for a fierce new Windows 10 Mobile flagship with the very latest specs to appear anytime soon, it looks like you may be disappointed.

  • Andy Mili

    windows mobile, bye bye

    • Anbu Jerin

      Ya…rip nokia & windows phone

  • charlesdjones1

    It’s been a good 7 years on WinPhone but my next phone will be Android. It truly pains me to say that but with Msft dropping the ball its time to say goodbye.Tbh, they’ve never truly matched the reliability of WP8.1 on Win10M, and it’s been painful living with these issues everyday to say the least.

    • Anbu Jerin

      Yes.i was also using windows phone for the past 5 years. Now its time to switch to android. Started hating it. Waste of money.

      • charlesdjones1

        … 10 months later, can’t imagine going back to WP! Android is not without its issues but it’s been a good experience overall.

        • Anbu Jerin

          Im using android now

  • venkat

    Most of users r using only low end processor like lumia 535,540….
    Already Microsoft have only less than 1 million users after this movement they have only very low user,what the f… Doing onnn