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Almost two years ago, Microsoft had announced that it expects Windows 10 to run on 1 billion devices in two to three years. Recently, the company revealed that Windows 10 has over 400 Million users. However, achieving the 1 Billion devices target still seems impossible for the company.

Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge growth has slowed down over the past few months. The latest report from Net Market Share has revealed a slight increase in adoption rate of Windows 10 Operating system and Microsoft Edge browser. However, the growth is still increasing but not in big numbers anymore.

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Windows 10 market share has increased from 25.19% to 25.36% in March. It is worth mentioning that Windows 10 market share was declining but more users has adopted the operating system in March. Interestingly, Microsoft’s Windows 7 market share has increased, now it claims 49.42% market share, nearly 50%.

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Microsoft Edge browser market share is now 5.61% from 5.58%. Microsoft Edge browser adoption rate is slow as well although the browser comes pre-loaded with Windows 10. While Google’s Chrome browser is still the most popular web browser with 58.64% market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer market share has decreased to 18.95% from 19.06%.

Windows 10 Market share has not witnessed any major growth at all since January, 2017. Windows 7 market share has increased by more than 1%. While Windows 10 market share grew by less than 0.2%.

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