Windows 10 Mobile Concept
Windows 10 Mobile Concept by Milad Kamali

Microsoft is currently working on Windows 10 Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile Devices. The company is done with adding new features and major changes to Windows 10 Mobile. We’re expecting new features in Windows 10 Mobile with Redstone 3 Update. Microsoft will reportedly introduce split-screen, landscape start screen and other major improvements for Windows 10 Mobile with the Windows 10 Redstone 3.

A Windows Phone user, Milad has posted a new concept of Windows 10 Mobile and he asked us to share the concept with our readers. The new concept of Windows 10 Mobile is indeed incredible but it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. The interface implemented in the concept would be difficult to operate on phones with small screen. Anyways, the concept makes Windows 10 Mobile operating system similar in appearance to the Desktop version of Windows 10. The concept brings the taskbar to the Start screen. Furthermore, interactive tiles, Horizontal start screen, Change Action center have been added to the operating system.

The other changes include boot screen loading circles, Lock screen more similar to desktop lock screen with added displays information about the lock screen wallpaper, View live image When pulling up the lock screen to enter password, Complete change enter password screen, Added Taskbar to Start, Full Change Action center section now is similar to the desktop version, View download list in the Action center, View picture messages of social networks apps in Action center, Play audio message of social networks apps in Action center, Interactive tiles, Transparent Volume size and horizontal Start Page.

Would you like to see similar features on your Windows Phone?

  • M Rankin

    Well, this is refreshing think it’s the first I’ve seen that’s tried to merge Windows 10 mobile with Windows 10 itself.

  • The action centre part is wrong, there are rules to obey in ux/ui, hardly any have been obeyed in this anyway, nice try but not really cool

  • Nope, it’s too much of windows 10 pc version, that taskbar looks ugly in phone,

  • J F AtkinsonJr

    Thanks for rousing vote of confidence in Microsoft’s abilities to innovate. What a cold bucket of water you are. Sheesh

  • Besnik Rrustemi

    -Windows 10 Mobile needs more Lock Screen Detailed Status not just one Application that u Pick.

    -Action Center,Volume Controls do need some transparency like on this concept but even a bit more but with some blurried background.

    -The Action Center Toggles are ugly like this,either make them rounded or with none just the icon and text underneath.

    -Live Wallpapers for Lock and Home Screen.

    -Option to make Every Application Icon Transparent.

    -Lanscape Home Screen wouldn`t have hurt,could`ve been an option too.

    Everything else just some paralel development with PC,not letting the mobile area behind.

  • X Wave

    Rubbish, have it for two years and I will never go back again. Full of bugs, simple improvements take ages. Stop making phones, you just can’t get it right