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Microsoft has pushed a new update to Cortana app on iPhone Devices. The latest update for Cortana introduces a new design. Last year, the company revealed the new design and it was available on Android. However, the company delayed the release for iOS devices without any significant reason. Anyways, after a few months of new design launch, today, Cortana has received a new update in the UK. The update is available on iPhone Devices and it brings a new revamped design.

Microsoft has created a more simplified look and feel for the Cortana app. The users will now enjoy faster and easier experience than ever before with quick actions, putting the most frequent things you do front and center, so setting a reminder or viewing your reminders is just a tap away when you don’t want to use voice.

Cortana now has a purple design and it looks better than the Windows 10 version. To be specific, after installing the latest update, you will find the redesigned calling, texting, and reminders section. Furthermore, a immersive full-page answers with faster page transitions and improved app responsiveness.

The update is currently rolling out to the iPhone users in the UK and you will receive the update in 48 hours. You can download the app by clicking here. Let us know your thoughts about the new design in the comments below.

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