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Facebook is currently rolling out another new feature, this time to its Official Instagram App. The company is rolling out GeoStickers feature to the Instagram app. The company had in the month of December introduced the stickers and today alongside its introduction of Messenger Day, the company is introducing GeoStickers which are location specific stickers.

The Stickers are designed to show off some of the local aspects of certain location like landmarks etc. This is the first time the company is introducing the Geostickers to its Instagram App. When ever you take a photo or video and tap the stickers icon you will be able to see GeoStickers on the top.

You also have the option to add as many stickers as you want by adjusting their size by using the creative tools. The GeoStickers works on similar lines to the customizable location stickers.

The Instagram update with version 10.11 is currently rolling out to users on iOS and Android and should be available to Windows 10 users sooner than later.