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Microsoft has been working on its Digital Assistant competing with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri in the market. The Redmond Giant has released its Digital Assistant application on Android Devices and has been regularly updating the application. The company has couple of days ago pushed out a new update for its Cortana App on Android Devices.

The latest update has bumped the Digital Assistant Version to 2.5. With the latest update the Digital assistant is now available on the Lock Screen for Android Users. With just two simple steps the Digital Assistant appears on the Lock Screen of Android Devices and you will be able to get the latest information without unlocking your device.

Below are the screenshots to configure Cortana on Lock Screen for Android users.


However there are still some features like the interaction with Text and Voice Commands which have not yet been implemented which are already available on Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. The company is currently testing the Voice and Text Commands feature internally and should be available to Android users sooner than later.