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Microsoft and Google doesn’t have a very healthy relation, with both taking digs at each other when chance comes. While Microsoft seems to have amended ways and made peace, Google hasn’t.

The current CEO of Microsoft, is all for “Mobile first, Cloud first” and hence has been making sure top quality apps are available on Android(and iOS). Google has recently taken to make sure Microsoft pays more concern to its security and is outing vulnerabilities on Microsoft’s products now and then. Recently they had released a security flaw in Windows 10 via their Project Zero.

For those who are unaware, Google’s Project Zero is responsible for finding flaws in software products, informing their makers about it, and publishing the flaw on the internet after 90days if it is not patched. While it may seem to be trivial, it is indeed difficult for a company to patch a flaw within 90 days. Windows 10 is a big piece of software and patching a bug is not an easy task.

The latest revelation from Google, is about a potential security flaw in Microsoft’s Edge and IE browsers which could allow malicious execution of code(for the tech geeks, the full listing is here). As the 90 days deadline has passed, Google has made the flaw public. Microsoft will no doubt patch it, probably with the cumulative update in March.

While Microsoft hasn’t responded yet, no attacks from this flaw has been reported too.

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