Some years ago, Nokia was working on a powerful smartphone, the Lumia McLaren with 3D Touch support and a whopping 50-megapixel camera on back. However, the Lumia McLaren or the Nokia Lumia 1030 was cancelled by Microsoft due to the failure of 3D Touch and some other reasons. Recently, a video of Mix View Live Tiles demoed on Lumia McLaren leaked.

Today, real life images of Lumia McLaren surfaced online and it reveals the beautiful design of the Lumia McLaren, and it looks really awesome. The images also shows the 3D Touch settings, back camera, sides of the device, and it again confirms that the device runs on Windows Phone 8.1, rather than Windows 10 Mobile. It seems on the back of the smartphone, there is a metal finish which makes the phone looks even better.

Indeed, the smartphone looks very nice in hands and I think Microsoft did wrong by cancelling this smartphone. Lumia McLaren looks very premium when compared with Microsoft’s Lumia 950s, which are the latest flagship phones under Microsoft branding.

What do you think folks? Let us know in the comments below.

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Special thanks to Hyken Blue for the tip!


  1. I think was one of the biggest mistake on Microsoft front with windows phone. If they had released this phone. They would have at least held on the the Microsoft loyal a lot more firmly.

      • Almost nobody would buy this phone except a small portion of the die-hard windows phone fans. This would be one niche device nobody buys , thus not much help for the platform. We need a phone that everybody wants , not just WP fans, but Android and Google fans.

          • Who wants the best camera in 2016 would buy a camera. Cameras in smartphones are not a selling point anymore, most of the flagship devices produce good enough results for a smartphone.

          • You’re right, i mean why would apple increase the resolution on the 6+ and 6S? And why are most phone mfgs still fiddling with their cameras (laser focus, multiple cameras, fancy lenses, more pixels..etc..) But hey! Everybody just wants to carry an extra camera when they need to right?

          • I disagree. But that’s okay. I think people who are *not* photographers would opt for a great camera on a phone rather than a camera. It’s really a pain to carry.


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