How to fix Windows 10 Mobile Download Stuck at 0% or certain percentage bug? Then you are in the right place. After a lot of attempts if you are unable to download Windows 10 Mobile updates and it is not downloading and getting stuck at any certain percentage, we will help you right away!

What could be the reason of Windows 10 Mobile Updates download getting stuck at any certain percentage? Here’re the possible reasons:

Connection to Windows update server is weak


The update is downloading but showing wrong download percentage number

Steps to fix Windows 10 Mobile Downloads getting stuck bug:

To fix any of the above issues you can try the following steps:

  • Try a soft reset, in most cases it is enough to fix the issues
  • Set your phone lockscreen timeout to never, it will surely fix connection problem.
  • Put your phone on charge. And download begins
  • Use apps which use very less internet like Facebook or twitter, it will surely boost the download percentage to a higher level.
  • Check your Wifi connection, its always better to have a speedy internet! Switch to 3G or broadband network.
  • If download takes a lot of time, we try to do many things and it corrupts the download and result in it no success. It is always better to put your phone on charge with lockscreen timeout to never,  over the night, around 8 hours. Your download will surely success.
  • If nothing helps you, reset your phone and try to download it again using above steps

Remember the guide will work on both Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 Mobile to Insiders builds.

Are you able to install Windows 10 Mobile updates on your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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