Windows 11 24H2 moves more Control Panel features to Settings

New features coming to Settings in Windows 11 24H2

Microsoft continues to migrate features to the Settings app, and Windows 11 24H2 shift color management, accessibility settings, and adds Sudo, Automatic Super resolution and more.

Hands on: Windows 11 version 24H2 LTSC Build 26100 leaks online

Microsoft is currently working on an LTSC version of Windows 11, known as version 24H2, which is anticipated to be released in September or October. The LTSC, Long-Term Servicing Channel, is generally regarded as the most stable and reliable operating system version.
Microsoft Store is now 40% faster on Windows 11

Microsoft Store now loads 40% faster on Windows 11

Microsoft Store is 40 percent faster in loading pages, 1.5 time faster in loading the Get button for faster installs, and reduces the splash screen appearance time in Windows 11.
Windows 10 paid updates

Microsoft clarifies Windows 10 paid update for consumers will be revealed later

Windows 10 will no longer receive support after October 14, 2025. However, you can extend the support by paying an annual fee. Microsoft has provided details about the extended updates for Windows 10, which could cost up to $61 for enterprises.
New features coming to File Explorer in Windows 11 24H2

New features coming to File Explorer in Windows 11 24H2

New features of Windows 11 24H2 File Explorer include creating archives in TAR and 7z, context menu labels, Copilot in File Explorer and more.
Windows 11 Build 26100

Windows 11 Build 26100 rolls out to testers as a potential version 24H2 RTM

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 Build 26100 to testers in the Canary and Dev Channels, which could be the potential final release candidate (RTM, also known as release to manufacturer). This makes sense...
Windows 11 AI PC requirements

Microsoft details Windows 11 AI PC requirements, appoints a new head for Windows

Intel revealed that for optimal performance, a PC should be equipped with an AI-powered CPU featuring an NPU (such as Intel Core Ultra), a Copilot keyboard key, and Copilot. However, some PCs shipped in 2024 without the Copilot key, raising concerns.
Windows 11's upcoming new features QR code generator, Copilot menu, and more

Windows 11’s new features: QR code generator, Copilot menu, and more

Windows 11 Build 22635.3420 is out and contains several new features including a QR code generator for sharing links, an improved Copilot context menu, a repositioned widgets icon, and more.
Adobe AI features scanning document

Adobe clarifies its Windows apps won’t auto-scan your documents for AI

Adobe has been testing new AI features in its Windows 11 or 10 app. This includes an AI Assistant capable of generating summaries by scanning PDFs. However, some people are concerned that Adobe's AI could be secretly scanning documents.
You can install an extension of your choice in Edge Canary for Android

You can now install any extension in Microsoft Edge Canary for Android

Until now, you could only choose from a couple of extensions on the page. But in the Edge Canary version 125.0.2487, you can install any extension from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons.
Windows Copilot in Windows 11

Windows 11 sneaks in a new “Microsoft Copilot” app to enable upcoming AI features

Microsoft has recently added a new app called "Microsoft Copilot" to Windows 11 and 10. This small app, only 16KB in size, currently doesn't have any functionality, but it is necessary for upcoming AI features to function properly. There is no need to uninstall it at this time.
New Start menu design for Windows 11

Microsoft tests a new grid design for Windows 11 Start menu’s All apps

Microsoft is currently testing a new design for the Windows 11 Start menu. This design will display apps under "All apps" in a grid layout, as opposed to the current vertical layout organized alphabetically. This new design is similar to the Start menu in Windows 10X.
Windows 11 File Explorer drag and drop

Windows 11 File Explorer address bar is finally getting drag and drop

In the 23H2 (Moment 4) update of Windows 11, Microsoft removed the drag-and-drop functionality from File Explorer's address bar. However, they have now announced plans to restore this feature in response to user feedback.
Windows 11 widgets board with navigation menu

Windows 11 tests a new widget board layout with a navigation pane

Microsoft is testing a new widget board layout in the Windows 11 Canary build, adding a navigation pane and some design tweaks. It contains two icons: My Widgets and My Feed.
Windows 11 KB5035942 update

Windows 11 KB5035942 fixes performance (direct download links)

Windows 11 KB5035942 is now available as an optional cumulative update. It includes much-needed performance fixes, particularly for AMD PCs. As always, you can grab this patch from Windows Update. Microsoft also posted direct...