Windows Copilot on Windows 10

First look at ChatGPT-powered Microsoft Copilot for Windows 10, now in beta

Microsoft is introducing Windows Copilot, powered by Bing Chat and ChatGPT-4, to Windows 10 users. This feature, currently available in the Release Preview Channel, uses a combination of large language models, including GPT 3.5, GPT-4, and Microsoft's in-house models.
Windows 11 Moment 4 mandatory update

Windows 11 Moment 4 is now a mandatory update

Windows 11 Moment 4 is now mandatory as Microsoft has pushed this year's most significant update to everyone with KB5032190 (Patch Tuesday). This means features like Windows Copilot and new File Explorer will get...
Steps Recorder removing from Windows

Microsoft is killing off Windows 7-era Steps Recorder on Windows 11

Microsoft is planning to remove the Steps Recorder app from Windows in a future update. This tool, originally from the Windows 7 era, was designed to help users record their screens to demonstrate steps for troubleshooting issues.
Windows 11 KB5032190 update

Windows 11 KB5032190 23H2 brings new features, direct download links

Windows 11 KB5032190 update is a November 2023 Patch Tuesday for version 23H2 and 22H2 with several improvements. Microsoft is rolling out the update to everyone, and you can download it from Settings >...
Windows 10 KB5032189 update

Windows 10 KB5032189 released (direct download links)

Windows 10 KB5032189 "Windows 10 November 2023 Update" is rolling out, and Microsoft says users can download it via Windows Update. To grab the Windows 10 KB5032189 offline installers, go to Microsoft Update Catalog,...
Bing Chat new feature

Exclusive: Our first look at Bing Chat’s standalone ChatGPT-like AI mode without search

Microsoft is introducing a new 'no search mode' for Bing Chat, making it similar to ChatGPT by disabling Bing search integration. This allows users to interact with the AI in a standalone mode, which is faster but relies only on pre-existing knowledge up to a certain date.
Windows Copilot for Windows 11 new features

Windows 11 Copilot tests auto start feature, pinning controls and adaptive interface

Microsoft wants Copilot on Windows 11 to succeed, and it's planning on adding a few new features. In our tests, we observed that Microsoft is experimenting with three new additions for Windows 11's Copilot...
Windows 11 OneDrive pop-up turned off

Microsoft turns off OneDrive feedback pop-up in Windows 11 after outrage, citing ‘feedback’

Microsoft temporarily introduced a survey dialog in the OneDrive sync client for Windows 11, asking users to specify a reason for closing the app. This feature was part of an experimental rollout to a small group of users between November 1 and 8.
Microsoft Photos background blur

Microsoft Photos on Windows 11 tests a big AI upgrade with Google Photos-like features

Microsoft is upgrading the Windows 11 Photos app with new AI-powered features for editing backgrounds in images. These features include options to blur, remove, or replace the background, and they save the edited images in .png format.
Windows 11 system apps

Windows 11 will let you uninstall more inbox apps, including Photos and Camera

In a significant move towards streamlining Windows 11, Microsoft is set to reduce the amount of built-in software, commonly referred to as bloatware, by allowing users to uninstall several pre-installed apps, including Photos and Camera.
Windows 11 Ctrl+Win+Shift+B keyboard shortcut

Explained: How Ctrl+Win+Shift+B is Windows 11’s best shortcut to fix GPU issues

Windows 11, along with its predecessors, features a somewhat obscure yet handy keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Win+Shift+B. Contrary to popular belief, this combination does not reset the graphics driver.

Windows 11 23H2 installation issues affect some, update fails to install

Windows 11 2023 Update, also known as Windows 11 23H2, is the latest version of the operating system, but it's running into some problems. Some users have reported problems when installing Windows 11 version 23H2 via Windows Update, and the error messages do not help.
Windows 11 native archive hands on

First look: Windows 11 Build 25992 lets you create ZIP, 7z and TAR archives...

Windows 11 Build 25992 introduces a convenient and significant feature for file management: the native ability to create archive files in formats like .zip, .7z, and .tar. Here's our first look showing off the feature in action.

How to disable Google Chrome new design on Windows 11, now rolling out

If you're not a fan of Google Chrome's latest design update on Windows 11, there's a straightforward way to revert to the classic look. Google has recently rolled out a "Chrome 2023 refresh," introducing a more rounded and spacious design, but not all users are keen on this change.
Windows Copilot for Windows 10

Windows 11’s Microsoft Copilot is coming to Windows 10 after all

The integration of Copilot into Windows 10 not only enhances the user experience for a large user base but also aligns with Microsoft's strategic focus on AI. This update promises to bring the same level of AI-powered assistance to Windows 10 as is currently available in Windows 11,