Microsoft testing Cortana search UI with a new integrated Bing search

Microsoft has been testing a new Cortana search UI that has a much improved bing search integration. Earlier Windows 10 had a inbuilt cortana search which would give results directly into...

Microsoft’s Bing now allows users to search for Bots across Messaging platforms

Microsoft today started rolling out ChatBots for its Bing app which makes it easier to search for Chatbots across Messaging Platforms. Users who would like to search for "Travel Bots" will...

Microsoft has dropped support for the Bing Rewards app on Windows Phone

Microsoft will be dropping support for the official Bing Rewards app on Windows Phones. Users are seeing a headline "TIME FOR CHANGE" with a message inside app saying  “We’re ending support for this...

Bing Maps announces new Truck routing service and more in latest update

The Bing Maps team at the Build 2017 announced that they are planning to release several new features for developers and enterprise customers. The latest update for Bing maps v8 which...

Bing Integration in Works for the Photos app on Windows 10

Earlier we have reported that Microsoft is working on bringing a new name for albums in the Photos app for Windows 10. The company is planning to rename Albums to Stories...

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