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Windows 11 24H2 on Copilot+ PC has three new AI or Copilot-themed wallpaper: Light, Dark, and Dark/Black (OLED). These wallpapers are built around the existing Windows 11 bloom but are more colourful. Additionally, Microsoft has created an OLED version of the wallpaper for the new Copilot+ PC with an OLED panel.

As you probably know, Copilot+ PCs are all about better performance, longer battery life, and native native. To celebrate the launch of Snapdragon X Elite and Plus PCs, Microsoft has crafted three new versions of Windows 11 bloom background. Here’s the full-resolution version of the wallpaper extracted from one of the units at the Build 2024 conference:

Bloom wallpaper Light
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It’s worth noting that these background images are original and extracted from one of the Copilot+ PCs running Windows 11 24H2 at the Microsoft Build 2024 developer conference.

The Copilot-themed wallpapers are pretty nice, and you’ll only find them on ARM AI PCs, but you can always manually download them.

Will Microsoft publish these wallpapers in the Microsoft Store? We don’t think so, but you can find the direct download links to three editions below:

Here’s a closer look at the dark version of the Windows 11 AI wallpaper:

Bloom wallpaper Dark
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The third variant is also for the dark theme in Windows 11, but it’s optimized for an OLED display, which is why the background is pitch black instead of dark blue:

Bloom wallpaper OLED
Right-click (tap and hold) to open it in a new tab and save the image

What’s the difference between the original and new Windows 11 wallpapers for AI PCs?

The original Windows 11 Bloom features shades of blue, but the Copilot or AI-themed wallpaper expands the colour range.

All these wallpapers have similar designs, but the primary difference is the background.

In light mode, the background is a soft gradient of light blue, with an abstract bloom in the center transitioning between blue, green, purple, and red hues. Similarly, the dark wallpaper retains the abstract bloom design but features a dark blue background instead of black.

The dark and light mode wallpapers are more subtle than the OLED version, which is pitch black.

The pitch-black background is specifically designed for OLED devices like the Galaxy Book4 Edge, which can turn off individual pixels completely and save energy. While you can apply these wallpapers to any device, they look best on Copilot+ PCs with OLED displays.

The new Surface Pro 11th edition also has four exclusive wallpapers, which you can download from my OneDrive.

These wallpapers are exclusive to the new Snapdragon X Plus Surface Pro 10 and Snapdragon X Elite Surface Laptop 6.

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