Windows 11 24H2 KB5037783 and KB5037869

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 11 KB5037783 for everyone using Windows 11 24H2, including those who have not joined the Windows Insider Program. We’re also seeing the cumulative update on a leaked Windows 11 LTSC build. If you’re in the Dev Channel, you’ll get Windows 11 KB5037869 instead, which contains more bug fixes.

KB5037783 brings Windows 11 Build 26100.560, while KB5037869 advances Windows 11 to Build 26120.670.

So, what’s the difference between the two updates? As we previously reported, Windows 11 24H2 is rolled out in two phases: Snapdragon X PCs ship with the update (Build 26100), and then receive Build in September/October with more AI features. In other words, Build 26120 is an enablement package for Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100.

While Snapdragon X PCs will receive Windows 11 24H2 in two phases, Microsoft plans to deliver the update for existing PCs in a single release.

What’s new in KB5037783 for Windows 11 24H2

KB5037783 comes with security fixes only. This patch can be downloaded on all Windows 11 24H2 installations, regardless of whether you’ve joined the Insider testing program.

According to the official release notes for Windows 11 May 2024 Update, KB5037783 (Build 26100.560) fixes an issue where some VPN connections could fail to work. However, some of you can still face VPN problems, as the bug isn’t fixed for all configurations.

Microsoft has also patched an issue that affects domain controllers (DC) and causes high resource usage when using NTLM authentication. NTLM is a feature typically used by businesses, and it allows administrators to securely authenticate their clients, employees, and others.

It makes sense for Microsoft to patch enterprise-related bugs ahead of Windows 11 24H2 wider rollout.

KB5037783 also includes fixes for Server Message Block (SMB) clients where some businesses could fail to establish SMB Multichannel connections.

What’s new in KB5037869

Windows 11 KB5037869 is only available in the Dev Channel. This update advances the OS to Build 26120.670.

Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Insider Preview (10.0.26120.670) (KB5037869)

In our tests, Windows Latest observed that the cumulative update takes about 8 minutes to download and install.

After installing the cumulative update, you’ll notice that the Network Locations shortcut is back in the File Explorer. A bug previously caused the feature to disappear, but it’s now fixed.

Here’s a full list of bug fixes:

  • Microsoft has patched an issue that might cause NTLM authentication traffic to increase.
  • Microsoft has fixed an issue that causes Windows Update installation to fail.
  • A bug has been fixed where Windows Updates will require more than a single reboot.
  • Security fixes for Windows Hello, Credential Guard, and more.

This patch is titled “Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Insider Preview (10.0.26120.670) (KB5037869)“, and you can download it by checking for updates in Settings > Windows Update.

As mentioned at the outset, Windows 11 24H2 is not available outside the Insider Program and it won’t ship on Intel or AMD PCs until September/October.

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