Microsoft Rewards gift card pricing changes

As some of you might have noticed, exchanging Microsoft Rewards points for a Microsoft Gift Card now requires more points than before. This change could vary, but it could be up to 30% in some regions and for some accounts. In a statement to Windows Latest, Microsoft confirmed the company regularly tunes the methods for redeeming points.

Over the past few days, Microsoft Rewards users reported that redeeming points for Gift Card is a lot more expensive now, and some are unhappy with the recent changes. Up until recently, getting a €2 Microsoft Gift Card at Level 2 needed 1,860 points (down from 2,000 at Level 1). Now, it’s up to 2,395 points (from 2,610 at Level 1).

This hike in points is also for €5 and €10 Microsoft Gift Cards. The €5 card used to be 4,650 points and is now 5,170, while the €10 card went from 9,300 points to 10,335. Is this change limited to people in Europe? We don’t know, but it appears to be some sort of testing.

In a statement to Windows Latest, Microsoft explained the recent changes to the gift card redemption pricing are part of the regular tuning to reflect “growth” and “expansion”:

“Over the last few years, the Microsoft Rewards program has regularly evolved to reflect our growth and expansion. We evaluate every change closely, tuning the methods and frequency through which our members can earn and redeem points. Whether searching with Bing, browsing with Edge, playing on Xbox, or making purchases in the Microsoft store, we know our members take delight in the added incentive the Microsoft Rewards program offers. We aim to grow in ways that continue to provide value to our members, and we monitor feedback to ensure satisfaction. We appreciate the enthusiasm and loyalty of our Microsoft Rewards members and remain excited for the program’s future,” a Microsoft Spokesperson told Windows Latest over email.

The above statement doesn’t directly answer the question, but according to sources familiar with the development, these changes are related to Microsoft Rewards expansions and iwe don’t know if they’re permanent.

Users on Reddit noted that these changes also apply to third-party card redemption, with one explaining that a £43 Amazon voucher now fetches only £40. The price to get Xbox cards and third-party gift cards like Amazon, Currys, or Tesco has increased slightly or significantly, depending on the card.

Rewards program redemption may be improved in the coming weeks. For now, Microsoft has commented on these changes, confirming that the Microsoft Rewards program constantly evolves to match the company’s growth.

That’s not the first time we’ve seen outrage in the Microsoft Rewards community. Last year, Microsoft Rewards disabled daily Edge points, but the change was later reverted.

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