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Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has also slipped ads into Windows Copilot on Windows 11. The adverts are visible for specific search queries, such as prompts like “compare Amazon Prime with Netflix.” In search queries described above, you might see adverts for Amazon Prime within Windows 11’s Copilot interface.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Windows Copilot operates using Bing Chat within Microsoft Edge’s WebView. While Google has long capitalized on ads within its platforms, Microsoft appears to be adopting a similar approach.

Bing Chat hasn’t been around for long, but it’s popular in the AI communities, particularly those who do not like paying ChatGPT for GPT-4 and DALL-E subscriptions. While ads in Bing are acceptable, users aren’t happy with ads coming to Windows Copilot, a feature built into the Windows 11 operating system.

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The current preview of Windows Copilot is boring and slow, but more significant changes are in the pipeline, such as plugin support and integration with other Microsoft apps. For example, you could soon open a Word document full of paragraphs and thousands of words and ask Copilot to summarize it.

Copilot combines all of Microsoft’s AI work, including Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and another large language model (LLM). This allows Copilot to understand context, including the app open on your screen and much more. However, it’s not yet ready to open apps using your voice or chat.

To be clear, Copilot isn’t a feature designed to launch apps or folders in Windows like Cortana. It’s a powerful AI built into Windows, but the full-fledged AI capabilities aren’t here yet.

Thankfully, Copilot takes little space on the device and is optional. If you don’t like Windows Copilot, you can turn it off using the Group Policy editor.

Can you turn off ads in Windows Copilot?

Currently, there’s no option to disable ads within Windows Copilot.

Microsoft’s introduction of ads into the Windows 11 Copilot raises eyebrows but offers another perspective. In an era monopolised by Google’s search engine, Microsoft’s bid to stay relevant through this feature is understandable. After all, sustaining the Bing AI, especially when offered for free, requires some form of revenue generation.

Bing Chat might be a relatively new entrant in the digital world, but it’s quickly gaining traction, especially among those reluctant to subscribe to platforms like ChatGPT for accessing GPT-4 and DALL-E services. Mi

While integrating ads might be a monetising strategy for tech giants, it’s essential to strike a balance. Especially when users have already paid for Windows, perhaps Microsoft could make the ads within Copilot optional on Windows 11.

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