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  • Google Chrome plans to introduce a “Tracking Protection” section in settings for its Windows, macOS, and Android versions. This section will consolidate various features to prevent¬†tracking while users surf the web.
  • A significant feature in development is protection against third-party cookie domain tracking (3PCD). These cookies are a privacy concern, allowing websites and advertisers to track users across different websites.
  • The “Tracking Protection” page will have options for users to choose their desired level of protection.

Google Chrome for Windows, macOS and Android is set to get a new feature or section called “Tracking Protection” in settings. While Google Chrome already has several features to limit tracking in the browser, the search engine giant wants to bring all the features from different pages under one umbrella, “Tracking Protection”.

First spotted by Windows Latest, Google plans to add a unique “Tracking Protection” section to help you discover features preventing tracking while surfing the web. Tracking protection is just the beginning of the significant privacy-related changes coming to the browser.

According to Chromium code commits seen by Windows Latest, Google is working on new protection features against third-party cookie domain tracking. Third-party cookie domain is a privacy concern for users as they let websites or advertisers follow them across different websites.

3PCD tracking protection in Google Chrome

The privacy community has previously voiced against third-party cookie domain tracking and urged companies to do more. There is a chance Google is working on deeply integrating new tracking protection tools for third-party cookie domain tracking, or as the company calls it, “3PCD”.

Google Chrome Tracking protection
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If Chrome adds more “3PCD tracking protection options, ”¬†it would give users greater control over which third-party websites can use cookies. It might also bring new ways to guard user privacy from third-party cookie following.

Chrome Tracking Protection feature
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The new 3PDC protection toggle should appear on the upcoming Tracking Protection page.

As mentioned, Google is still working on the tool. This new “Tracking Protection” page in Chrome currently has the usual options. Google says this page will let users change settings to pick how much protection they want.

The usual setting, called “Standard”, offers a mix of protection and ensures websites work right. Chrome mostly stops third-party cookies, but it does not block them completely, and most sites may continue to track your online behaviour.

This means most websites can’t use these cookies to track your online actions, especially in private mode. Most websites should work fine. If a website has problems, you can let it use third-party cookies for a short time.

There’s also a “Custom” setting where users can choose their protection level. Users can choose to block all third-party cookies, but some parts of websites might not work. Users can also send a ‘Do Not Track’ message when they browse, but it’s up to the websites to listen to this or not.

As said before, these options aren’t new. Google is making a new Protection Page that might get third-party cookie domain tracking protection.

Tracking Protection isn’t the only significant privacy upgrade for Chrome users. According to documents seen by Windows Latest, Google also plans to add more private incognito mode to the browser in the coming weeks.

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