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Microsoft has rolled out a new server-side update for Bing Chat app on Android and iOS with a new toggle called “GPT-4”. This new feature allows you to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT GPT-4, in addition to the existing “tones” feature.

As you probably know, Bing Chat allows you to choose the style in which Bing responds, such as “Creative”, “Balance”, or “More Precise”. With the new GPT-4 addition, the chat experience is set to be even better. This appears to be part of the tech giant’s plan to make chatting feel much more like talking to a chatbot than an assistant for

Microsoft is rolling out the new GPT-4 toggle for Android and iOS users via Bing app. So what’s the new feature all about? Microsoft support staff told us the new GPT-4 toggle is a feature that allows you to chat with GPT-4, a multimodal large language model created by OpenAl.

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It appears the GPT-4 toggle lets you chat with Bing’s GPT-4 model without extra customization applied by Microsoft. If you click the three dots menu, you can return to the existing tones feature, which lets you use Microsoft’s customization.

“Please note that GPT-4 is not perfect and may make mistakes or produce inappropriate responses. If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please let us know by using the feedback button on the chat interface,” a Microsoft staff told us.

No search mode is coming to Bing Chat

Microsoft is internally exploring a no search or offline mode for Bing Chat.

Here’s a bit about how Bing usually works: When you ask a question, it often searches the internet for the answer, similar to how we might use a search engine like Google. But sometimes, for simple questions, this can seem slow or unnecessary.

Some users have mentioned that they don’t always want Bing to search the web, especially when using a feature on Windows 11 called Copilot. They prefer if Bing just gave quick answers without always going online.

Our sources at Microsoft have given some hints about what’s coming next. The company is thinking about a new approach for Bing AI Chat.

In this approach, Bing might not always look up answers on the internet. Instead, it could answer from what it already knows, making the chat faster and smoother.

For instance, if someone often asks Bing for help with a program like Microsoft Word, Bing currently searches online each time, even for common questions. Imagine asking Bing, “How do I bold text in Word?” Currently, Bing might search online to provide an answer. But with the planned changes, Bing could quickly tell users the steps without the need to search.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s updates to Bing Chat AI, especially with the addition of GPT-4, show a strong move towards making the tool more user-friendly. With these changes, Bing could become a preferred choice for many looking for a smooth and efficient chatbot experience.

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