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While Google is said to be at “code red” over the ChatGPT popularity, Microsoft’s Bing AI is gaining momentum and is extremely popular in the tech community lately. As you’re probably aware, the Bing search engine now uses the artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT and Microsoft’s own tech to answer some search queries.

Microsoft has been working on Bing AI for years with experimental Chatbots. In fact, Microsoft’s investment into OpenAI included an agreement to bring ChatGPT features into Bing search, and we finally see the results. However, Microsoft Bing AI is still in the early stage of development, and there are several limitations.

According to Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, Microsoft is working on a big update for Bing. In a post, Mikhail Parakhin announced that a big Bing update would improve quality, including reduced summarisation and text analysis errors.

Microsoft’s web advertising head posted that the update would arrive on February 23, but we haven’t seen any changes yet. It’s safe to assume the quality update may have been delayed or is on hold as Microsoft is busy incorporating more changes, including fewer limitations.

“Two biggest one I’m excited about are the larger context size, which should reduce errors in summarization and text analyzes (especially in Edge) and the new response tagging system that makes Bing less confused in longer conversations,” Mikhail Parakhin noted in a post.

Microsoft warned that sports results would remain flaky for a couple more weeks. This is in reference to buggy response when you try to ask Bing sports scores, such as Football or Cricket updates.

Microsoft Bing arrives on mobile

In addition to quality improvements, Microsoft has finally opened up Bing for Android and iOS users, bringing the AI search engine to new users. It’s rolling out via Bing’s beta updates.

In its announcement, Microsoft noted that most users search on their Android or iPhones, which means expanding Bing AI to mobile could bring in more data for the company.

ChatGPT-enabled Bing for mobile works just like its desktop counterpart. However, it still won’t open in Google Chrome.

It’s important to note that Bing AI now works with voice. You can use your voice to input queries and initiate a conversation with Bing instead of typing everything. Voice support also works on desktops, but mobile offers a better experience.

Bing on mob
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Additionally, the new Bing experience is also heading to Skype. Bing can be added to any Skype chat and provide answers to questions directly in the chat, and users can choose how they want to learn more about a topic. For example, you can choose if you want your answers to be displayed in bullet points or simplified responses.

The new Bing is available in preview to select users on Android, iOS and Skype

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