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Windows 11 KB5012592 has been released for the general public and it comes with a long list of improvements. In terms of new features, users will now get access to search highlights. You can grab the patch via Windows Update or you can also install it manually as Microsoft has published directly download links for KB5012592.

Windows 11 KB5012592 is a mandatory security update and it cannot be skipped unless you pause the updates for up to seven days. It will also install automatically depending on Windows Updates settings or if you try to delay it beyond the seven days grace period provided by Microsoft.

Unlike the last month’s security update, April 2022 security update doesn’t come with tons of new features, but Microsoft says it has fixed numerous bug fixes and enabled support for features like Windows Search highlights. Additionally, Microsoft is also adding support for up to three high-priority toast notifications in the notification center.

This new notification feature could be useful if you frequently receive calls, messages, reminders, or alarms notifications from apps that use Windows notifications. After the update, notifications will be given special treatment and these alerts will appear simultaneously.

If you check for Windows 11 updates, you’ll see the following patch:

2022-04 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5012592)

Download Links for Windows 11 KB5012592

Windows 11 KB5012592 Direct Download Links: 64-bit.

Thanks to a new update published for Microsoft Update Catalog, you can simply visit the above link and click on the ‘Download’ button and select the .msu URL to begin the download in any browser.

Previously, Microsoft published updates on its Update Catalog via HTTP and it prevented Chrome or Firefox users from downloading the offline installers. Microsoft has now switched to HTTPS, which means updates are now available for download through a secure connection.

Additionally, it also means that you simply click on .msu link to begin the download instead of copying and pasting the link into another tab.

Windows 11 KB5012592 (Build 22000.613) important changelog

Microsoft says it fixed an issue where the OneDrive file could lose its focus when you rename it and press the Enter key. If a file loses its focus, you will be required to select it again or you won’t be able to perform actions.

KB5012592 Windows 11 update

As you can see in the above screenshot, Microsoft is introducing a new search interface for Windows 11. This appears when you click on the taskbar search box and don’t type anything. The ‘highlights’ feature will help you discover trending searches, learn more about outdoors activities, facts for the current date and more.

In addition to new features and improvements, there are numerous bug fixes in Windows 11 April 2022 update.

For example, a bug has been fixed where the Settings page won’t appear in results when you search for the word widgets. Microsoft has fixed an issue where the operating system accidentally turns off auto-startup functionality for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and it happens only when you’re on the latest version of the OS.

Likewise, Microsoft says it fixed potential performance issues with Windows Settings and Search, including a bug where SystemSettings.exe could stop responding and searchindexer.exe will prevent Outlook’s offline search from returning recent emails.

As mentioned at the outset, April 2022 update for Windows 11 includes several bug fixes and quality improvements. As per the release notes, Microsoft patched an issue that could result in a longer startup time for the OS. This issue is experienced on devices when the UI thread in a networking API stops responding.

Windows 11 Build 22000.613 improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where wmipicmp.dll module causes a lot of false alarms and increased memory usage.
  • Fixed issues with Execution Policy settings, modern browsers failing to render HTML that is generated by gpresult/h, and an issue where “Access denied” error appears for a file during a PowerShell test for AppLocker.
  • Microsoft has addressed an issue where Kerberos.dll could stop working within the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS).
  • Fixed an issue preventing User Account Control (UAC) dialog from showing apps requesting elevated privileges. For example, if you launch a game with admin privilege, a pop-up requesting access will appear on screen, but the game’s name won’t be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents you from accessing SMB shares

As mentioned at the outset, today is Patch Tuesday and Microsoft has also published a new patch (KB5012599) for Windows 10 version 21H1 and older.

Known issues in Windows 11 April 2022 Update

Is Microsoft aware of any potential known issues in KB5012592? As of now, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any new bugs.

However, the last optional update reportedly caused performance and taskbar issues for some users, and similar issues could also show up in this security update.

What’s next for Windows 11?

In addition to cumulative updates, Microsoft is also testing the next major update for the operating system. As you’re probably aware, Windows 11 will begin transitioning over to the fall 2022 update soon, and Windows Insiders channels are already seeing changes to reflect the upcoming update.

The next update is expected to add support for features like taskbar drag and drop and it specifically aims to make the Windows Settings better, while also attempting to improve Start Menu with the option to limit the number of activities that appear under the ‘recommended’ section.

We don’t know when Windows 11 version 22H2 will begin rolling out to consumers, but it’s expected to launch after the summer.

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