Windows 11 emoji upgrade

Windows 11 recently received support for new emojis which are in line with Microsoft’s Fluent Design Langauge. As part of the emoji update, Microsoft has replaced paperclip emoji with Clippy from Microsoft Office and enabled support for Emoji 13.1 with Windows 11 November 2021 Update.

You can try out Windows 11’s shiny new emojis with Windows key + period (full-stop) keyboard shortcut. These new emoji are modern-looking and they match the look and feel of Windows 11, and it’s also nice to see a new feature to personalize the colour of the emoji to your own liking.

You might remember that Microsoft actually promised 3D emojis for Windows 11 back in 2021, and a sizeable number of folks were excited. However, Microsoft failed to deliver the promised 3D-style Fluent Design emoji, and Windows 11 users can currently try simple 2D emojis.

Windows 11 2D emoji

Microsoft officials clarified that 3D emojis were never supposed to ship on Windows and its social media team posted “wrong graphics”. Microsoft apologized for the error, but it looks like the possibility of 3D emojis cannot be ruled out.

This comes from Microsoft’s Nando Costa who suggested that there will in fact be a Windows 11 update with support for 3D emojis. In a blog post on LinkedIn, Microsoft official explained that the emoji job isn’t quite done and Microsoft plans to create new designs every year based on new Unicode releases.

Windows 11 emoji 3D

Microsoft will be exploring their own exclusive concepts as well. Additionally, Microsoft’s Nando Costa tweeted to clarify that the 3D emojis which were originally teased last year could still come to Windows 11.

“Thank you and agreed! We’re working on that,” Costa said in a reply to a user who wished to see 3D emojis on Windows 11.

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