Windows 11 now supports Android APK sideloading, which allows users to essentially install any Android app currently available inside and outside the Play Store. However, Windows doesn’t enable sideloading by default and the process can be frustrating if you don’t know the basics of the command line.

As you’re probably aware, Microsoft is currently testing Windows Subsystem for Android in the Dev and Beta channel. Microsoft has created its own virtual machine container to make Android apps on desktop feel as native as possible, and the installation process is extremely straightforward if you’ve access to Amazon AppStore.

Microsoft also allows users to sideload apps using the ADB command, but there’s no ETA as to when the company could make sideloading accessible for beginners. Thankfully, with the release of a new third-party app called “WSAInstall”, installing Android APKs on Windows 11 has become much easier.

After a little tweak to Windows Subsystem for Android, some users managed to install Google Play Store on Windows 11. Now, a developer who goes by Simone on Twitter has created a new app called “WSATools” to automate the installation of Android apps APKs on Windows 11.

This new third-party app has removed the need for Command Prompt/PowerShell to manually install the Android apps each time. Instead, you can now simply tap on the “Install” button within the GUI.

How to install Android APKs on Windows 11

To get started, first make sure you’ve downloaded Windows Subsystem for Android from the Microsoft Store.

This can be done by simply searching for “Windows Subsystem for Android” in the Store or you can visit the store listing manually.

Once you’ve installed Windows Subsystem for Android, download and run WSATools from the Microsoft Store, which makes the whole process a lot easier.

It’s an APK installer for the Windows Subsystem for Android and it requires users to manually select the APK, and click on the install button.

However, make sure you’ve downloaded ADB from Google’s website and that’s pretty much it.

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