Your Microsoft Teams meetings on Windows 10 are about to get even more interactive and engaging thanks to a new feature called ‘Dynamic view’, which is now arriving in March 2021, according to a statement from Microsoft.

Last year, Microsoft upgraded its Teams video conferencing service with Together mode to help users stay engaged with each other. Teams is currently using AI to project your avatar into a virtual room along with other participants to create a real-life meeting and brainstorming sessions.

While Together mode works great, it’s not intended for every meeting. Using the new dynamic view and extraordinary AI, Microsoft plans to make your traditional meetings more engaging and dynamic.

New Dynamic view will allow users to share their contents with participants easily and it gives you more control over the presentation.

Microsoft Teams dynamic view

For example, the dynamic view lets you see shared content and other participants in a meeting. Your meeting screen would be automatically optimized to focus on both shared and video participants, so you can easily present your ideas and interact with others.

Microsoft is also introducing new controls to show shared content and specific participants side-by-side. This feature is especially useful when you’ve to present your project with your group.

“Currently when watching shared content in Microsoft Teams meetings the presenter or participant video is small. Dynamic view shows content & video side-by-side [and it’s currently] due for release in March,” Microsoft said.

Other improvements coming to Teams

In addition to the dynamic view, there are plans to enable low-data mode to help Teams users with a slow or limited internet connection. The low-data mode will also help you reduce the data usage when you’re under strict bandwidth usage.

This feature is also expected to begin rolling out in the next few weeks and it can be configured via the settings or profile menu.

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