Windows 10 compatibility update

Windows 10 has introduced a new ‘Windows as a Service’ model whereby your device will be updated frequently with fixes, improvements and new features. Microsoft is now rolling out a new compatibility update to devices which are not ready to receive the latest upgrade from Microsoft.

Microsoft is currently rolling out the Windows 10 October 2020 Update to users gradually and it plans to release another feature update in 2021. As you’re likely aware, whenever a new Windows 10 update is around the corner  – which happens twice a year – Microsoft begins deploying compatibility update.

Yesterday, Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 KB4023057 to users with version 2004 or newer. Only some users are receiving it currently, but others might get it in the coming weeks or after a few months.

In an update to its support document, Microsoft said that this patch will try to take several steps to prepare your device and check its compatibility with Windows 10 updates. For example, it will attempt to free up your disk space by clearing the temporary files if you do not have enough disk space.

Microsoft will add additional files and resources to Windows 10 installation to “make sure that updates are installed” smoothly on your device. In addition, Windows 10 KB4023057 for version 2004 will also improve the reliability and security of devices.

Here’s a list of changes this patch could make to your system:

  • Reset your network settings automatically if problems are detected.
  • Reset your Windows Registry: Any keys that may be preventing updates from being installed will be clean up.
  • Disable, repair or modify Windows components responsible for Windows Update.
  • Compress files in your profile directory.
  • Reset Windows Update database.

Microsoft confirmed that the patch will still respect your Windows Update configurations like the active hours. Also, the patch might clear your Windows Update history if it attempts to repair Windows Update components.

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