Microsoft has been working on a macOS Spotlight-like search tool for Windows 10. The tool is designed to replace the existing Win + R experience and it includes options to quickly search apps and files across Windows.

Today, Microsoft has released a new version of PowerToys and it comes with the new search tool for Windows 10 called ‘Run Launcher’ and a Keyboard Remapper. Windows 10’s new search tool allows you to search for apps and folders by name, unlike the standard Run dialog where you need to enter the exact file name.

Unlike Windows Search, PowerToys’ Spotlight-like tool is classic keyboard-based search launcher and it’s a lot like a modern replacement for the Win+R.

You should get PowerToys Run if you don’t like the standard search in Windows 10’s Start menu. With this new tool, you are basically searching for apps and files in local storage.

PowerToys Run

The software giant has been working on this new search tool since January and the current build supports the following features.

  • Basic Windows apps and files search.
  • Find the folder location of a file or app.
  • Run as administrator.

Microsoft says it has plans to make this Windows 10 Search experience more powerful launcher with future updates.

Search tool for Windows 10

For example, PowerToys Run will get support for plugins like calculators and search engines (Bing) later this year.

In addition, Microsoft is introducing keyboard key remapper called “Keyboard Shortcut Manager”. Microsoft says the tool will allow you to rename individual keys and even keyboard shortcuts.

PowerToys Keyboard Manager

PowerToys’ Keyboard Shortcut Manager appears to be more powerful and user-friendly than the third-party applications.

If you’re interested, you can download and install PowerToys version 0.18 from Microsoft’s Github. Once downloaded, run the installer and you can then access the tool from Windows 10’s system tray.

To use the new search tool, you need to press and hold Alt + Space. If you want to remap keyboard shortcuts, launch PowerToys from the system tray and click on Keyboard Mapper where you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

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