Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 4 offers much better performance, additional I/O options and its pretty much similar to the Pi 3.

In 2019, news appeared online about the possibility of hacking Raspberry Pi to boot the desktop version of Windows 10 on ARM. The project made more progress and Windows 10 was later ported to Raspberry Pi 4, although it currently only supports 1 GB of RAM.

It appears that some impressive developments have been made since we last reported about the project. According to the lead developer Jose, WOA Deployer v3 will allow users to port Windows 10 on ARM to Raspberry Pi 3 and even Raspberry Pi 4, thanks to the contribution by Marcin.

The Raspberry Pi 4 has been tested with Windows 10 on ARM Build 17134 (April 2018 Update) or newer. A group of users are already testing WOA Deployer 3 alpha builds that should allow you to easily install Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 4.

WoA Raspberry Pi

With WOA Deployer 3, you’ll be able to put a workable version of Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi, but you will still need some technical knowledge to set up the operating system on the device.

For obvious reasons, Windows 10 runs about 50% faster on the Raspberry Pi 4 than the Pi 3. While the idea of Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi sounds good, the implementation isn’t perfect yet. For example, only 1GB of the Pi 4’s supported 4GB memory is usable while running Windows 10.

As per Jose, WOA Deployer v3 could also add support for other devices.

“WOA Deployer had 2 different applications (flavors), one for Raspberry Pi 3 and another for Lumias. Deployer 3.0 has been redesigned to handle not only those devices, but able to support virtually any device with the required deployment script,” Jose tells me on Twitter.

A group of developers are also bringing Windows 10 on ARM to Android phones such as OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi MIX, and Galaxy S8. You can also expect the developers to add Android support to WOA Deployer when the project is ready.

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