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Because of the health issues around the world, a lot of people are working from home and people including the government officials are relying on their PCs even more than they always do. As a result, Microsoft announced that it would no longer release optional updates for Windows 10 from May 2020.

Microsoft is pausing optional updates for Windows 10 to avoid impacting devices that install it. The goal is to reduce problems and difficulties for people relying on their PCs even more than they already do.

However, it wasn’t clear whether Microsoft would stop doing non-security fixes or if they’ll be bundled with the Patch Tuesday releases. In a follow-up tweet, the Redmond firm has confirmed that it has only paused the optional update releases and users will still receive non-security fixes on second Tuesday.

“The monthly Windows updates will continue to be cumulative with security and non-security fixes, and are focused on keeping our customers protected and productive by prioritizing security fixes,” Microsoft said.

It means that Microsoft will still release non-security improvements for Windows 10 on every second Tuesday along with security fixes. The company would put a hold on optional updates, referred to as C and D updates, which were released in the third and fourth week respectively.

These optional updates for Windows 10 are released in order to test fixes with interested users before rolling out the changes to all consumers and enterprises.

This applies to all supported versions of Windows 10 and server. Microsoft has clearly stated that Patch Tuesday updates, non-security and security updates will still happen, but we don’t know whether the updates will still come with a long list of improvements or fixes.

The next Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 v1909, v1903, and 1809 will take place on April 14. In May, the rollout is projected to take place on the 12th with both security and non-security improvements.

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