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Microsoft jumped onto the Chromium bandwagon in 2018 and the change has resulted in a number of positives for the company, users, and even Google. Last year, Google agreed to update Chrome with Microsoft’s solution for longer battery life, which should reduce the browser’s excessive battery drain on Windows.

Microsoft has also been experimenting with refreshed or modern web controls in its Edge browser and Chromium platform. Web controls are essentially the text boxes, bullet lists, checkboxes, calendar, password revealer, and other elements that you see in many webpages.

Last year, Microsoft implemented new controls in Chromium to provide modern web appearance across all webpages. These changes were also enabled in Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 to enable modern appearance, touch friendliness and improved accessibility.

Microsoft has submitted those changes back to the open-source Chromium platform and other browsers that use Chromium are allowed to take advantage of modern web controls.

In the now-deleted release notes of Chrome 81, Google has confirmed that it will make similar improvements. This means that Google Chrome will also take advantage of those modern web controls on Windows 10, Linux, macOS, and Android too.

“I’ve been really impressed by the work Microsoft has been doing to modernize the appearance of form controls and I’m excited to see it land in Chrome 81 on Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux. Mac and Android support are coming soon,” says Pete LePage, Developer Advocate at Google.

Chrome web controls

As you can in above screenshot which shows before and after comparison, these new form controls feature a modern look and feel that feels at home in a variety of Chromium browsers.

Google is planning to roll out modern web controls with Chrome 81 later this year.

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