Windows 10 March update
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The major and monthly updates to Windows 10 can be a headache for some people. From the infamous blue screen of death errors, installation issues, reduced performance, and data deletion bugs, installing Windows update isn’t a seamless process for everyone.

Windows 10 KB4540673 is the latest update and it was released on March 10 with security fixes. The March Patch Tuesday update is a low-key release and there are not too many changes, but it appears that the patch is still causing a series of problems for some people.

The most recent cumulative update for the Windows 10 version 1909 and 1903 is causing the blue screen of death on some devices, according to user reports. Only a small subset of consumers appear to be impacted, but the number of reports is growing.

Concerns over Windows 10 KB4540673 cumulative update were documented in our comments section and other forums.

“After installing it I started having BSOD every time I started my PC.
Only solution I had was rolling back to a previous restore points of some days ago.,” explained post author in our comments.

“This March update installed automatically on my devices and it leads to BSOD errors on my gaming PC and my work laptop,” another user wrote.

These user reports suggest that the issue is only due to compatibility issues with KB4540673.

As we noted, consumers in other forums also reported seeing the issue with Windows 10’s newest patch. A discussion on Reddit also confirms the issue happens on some devices. For example, as one Redditor notes:

“Not sure if this is the same problem given mine auto-updated to KB4540673 (not KB4535996), but after the update my desktop PC was hanging on the BIOS/UEFI loading screen. I couldn’t get past POST to even attempt booting into Windows or Safe Mode”.

“Installed KB4540673 today got blue screen while playing CS:GO,” another user noted.

“In all fairness, as annoyed as I am that my laptop is completely crashed right now over this update,” one poster noted in Microsoft’s forums.

Windows 10 KB4540673 problems

Some users have also claimed that this update could take a really long time to install, while others have reported installation issues.

“It doesn’t install here. It restarts and says that the update wasn’t installed,” a reader told us.

“I have the same issue. Only mine doesn’t go far as 1% and it won’t allow the other updates to download so I really don’t know what to do. Like I’ve had my PC opened all day and is still 1% not gone up at all,” a user wrote.

One user also claimed that this patch once again causes a temporary user profile bug.

It is worth noting that only a subset of users with unknown PC configuration reported these problems and it’s unclear just how widespread this issue is.

Microsoft has yet to officially acknowledge a comment on these user reports. It probably will be best to create a system restore point and backup in order to avoid getting troubled by any updates.

You should only uninstall a patch if it broke something on your device. If the patch is installed and your PC is running smoothly, no actions are required from your end.

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