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We recently reported Microsoft will be removing Live Tiles from Windows 10’s Start menu and new design concept from the company, appears to confirm that. Windows 10’s new Start menu has tile-based static icons with a touch of Microsoft’s Fluent Design, but it looks like Live Tiles will not go away if users prefer them.

In the Windows Insider podcast, Microsoft showed off an internal concept of Windows 10’s Start menu that has Tiles based on icons, not live information.

It does appear that Microsoft might kill off Live Tiles in future, but for now, the company says users with Live Tiles will still be able to use them and Live Tiles won’t be removed entirely.

Microsoft plans to update the Start menu with chaotic colours and emphasize icons, rather than the interactive icons aka Live Tiles that displayed additional information.

According to the Redmond firm, the new icon-based tiles will give users unified experience, which will be more consistent with all Windows customizations.

For example, the Start menu will look consistent with both a dark and light theme. It’s also worth noting that new tiles are not only an icon and they’ll also have a background colour and rounded corners.

So, when can we expect the new Start menu? Microsoft says their design team is ‘exploring’ the new Start menu layout and the project is still being worked on, which makes it hard to guess when it will appear.

These changes are unlikely to ship in Windows 10 version 2004 update, which has already been finalized.

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